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why can't we be?

"And there I was again.  Just helplessly falling into the arms of the beast that engraved faces, broken hearts, names, memories; silently yet so causally on me. Now I had names written on me, dates, memories and so much more. There were strangers and the thoughts of other lands. Shameful stuff from the past. It was sorrow and dirt. But guess what; I still hadn't learned."


don't get me hoping
i beg you
'cause at the end of the day
it's not the failure that hurts
but the disappointment.
and every single time
it has me sitting,
how the sublime emotion of hope
is always the hammer
to my heart's walls.
harder each time.

for a second, i was mindful

city lights,
mellow breeze
what in the world is wrong with me?

broke the mirrors,
the tension is climbing. 

missing you,
i need help i'm dying.


couple days later,
in the elevator,
you talked to me; silent
oh, why'd you be such a player?

you shut my eyes,

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