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5 desk essentials to boost your productivity

Hey, lovelies:) I know I haven't been around for a long time but here I am; writing a post that is what I would call  "suitable" for this time of the year. Back to school is around the corner and is even past it for some of us. And for those of us that are not going back to school but rather dreading with work or life in general, some autumn motivation is a must-have. I know for me with the weather becoming a little more chilly; I have totally lost my interest in doing anything productive and just want to watch movies in bed all day, sippin' tea. I hope with this post, in which I have compiled my 5 desk essentials for a more productive me, we can all dust off and hit the autumn season with our best and most productive selves. So let it begin.

1- Bullet Journal I was really hoping to keep this away from "generic" as much as possible but I do have to say I can't even sit at my desk comfortably without my bullet journal; let alone being productive. It has …

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