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another collection of broken hearts

"Was it the pulchritudinous beauty of being young or just a chaste character trait? No one knows. Through years, I recklessly spent time; leaving pieces of my heart at the sight of inscrutable strangers. People with a nice smile took away bits of it and dark, deep voices took their share. But you? Oh, God. You became my heart. You had me at the "hi"."

the lamb and the lion

soft, white hooves slide through the lush grass what a sudden yet graceful act eyes so vulnerable, winds so great as they pass; caressing a body, a mind, a soul so abstract
when the roots of the trees touch the sky
when neither Romeo nor Juliet dies, the lamb comes through;  reminds one of a lullaby. then it meets the lion, “oh, my!”
the lamb and the lion: an endless story to be told. thought they could last? drop the blindfold! though names might change,  it’s always the same;
love. perfection. misery. shame. -
" Sometimes people wish to be you, unaware of what's hidden behind the porcelain face. Una…

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